Monday, September 10, 2012

A Bookish Fairy!

I'm in a book! It's called 'Read Me Another One Please' and is published by Whitcoulls. I'lm there with lots of other stories.You'll be able to find a copy at every Whitcoulls store.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been away for a while...kinda busy because I've been working on some stuff for iPads. The iDea is that there will, sometime be a cool story or two that you can download. It will have animation and sound effects. Cool? Cool! So, don't give up on me; I'll be back sometime later in the year with more news! xxx Fairy Glad

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time for R&R

Well here I am at Krispy Kreme in Melbourne (for the CBCA Conference). There are times when a fairy just has to blob out a bit and given that you saw me last polishing off an iceblock, you might think I have been slacking about. Well this is a little bit true, but my very good friend Fifi Colston has been working hard to write stories about me and guess what? She is making a whole kit. Yes, me as a cut out dolly with all sorts of things you can glue onto me; bubble wrap, ribbon, feathers, even a tiny weeny wooden peg for my wild woolly hair! I feel so special...

If you want to know more, e-mail me and I can tell you all about it...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fairy Glad coming to you soon!

Phew an ice-block is sooo good on a hot day isn't it? Lickety lick, right down to the stick!
I'm pretty busy at the moment; tidying up the park and making sure the birds are happy, but when I have ticked off all the things on my list, I'll be writing you a story real soon.
Until then, save all your rubbish- the clean stuff that is. Most definately NOT the potato peelings- they can go in the compost. Get your scissors and tape handy and wait for me... and in the meantime here's a little poem xxx Fairy Glad :-)

The Inside Scoop!

There is an age old fairytale.
I know it- so do you,
About young Cinderella
And the dropping of her shoe.

She got a gorgeous ball gown,
A golden pumpkin for a coach
And I wouldn’t be surprised to hear
About an awesome brooch.

A crown, a pair of earrings,
And a present for her cat,
Then I’ll just bet her footman mate,
That Buttons, got a hat.

She was pretty darned amazing;
Her fairy Godmother with wings,
But no-one ever told you
How she made those lovely things.

Well…I saw her at the Laughing Elf;
A cafe in olde town,
And after a large nettle juice
She gave me the low down.

Now I know all her secrets,
Every tip and trick and fad,
So you can make some magic too,
With me; I’m Fairy Glad.